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See who the best really is: DIRECTV vs cable in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you’re looking for the greatest television service available anywhere, you’ll make the right decision by switching from Cox® to DIRECTV. Cable’s got nothing on the satellite TV service offered by DIRECTV.

Check the facts and you’ll see who comes out on top. Let the battle between DIRECTV and Cox® commence!

Channel lineup

With DIRECTV, you’ll get more channels at a better value. If you choose cable from Cox®, you could wind up paying more for fewer channels.

When it comes to local channels, it’s a draw. Cox® offers the local NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates, but so does DIRECTV. DIRECTV offers local channels to 100 percent of homes across America, so even if you live on the outskirts of Tulsa, you can still watch your favorite local networks.

High-Definition programming

In the HD channel arena, Cox doesn’t even come close to DIRECTV’s High-Definition channel selection. DIRECTV is home to 170 full-time HD channels, many more than you’ll find anywhere else. The HD programming on cable is almost laughable when compared to the selection on DIRECTV. When you want to feel like you’re a part of the action, you’ve got to choose High-Definition programming from DIRECTV.


Fans of any sport will be glued to the TV with DIRECTV’s sports packages. Cox has disappointing sports coverage and very few sports packages available. On the other hand, DIRECTV offers MLB EXTRA INNINGS®, NHL® CENTER ICE®, NBA LEAGUE PASS, ESPN GamePlan, ESPN FULL COURT, MLS Direct Kick™, Willow Cricket™, and Fox Soccer Plus, as well as the exclusives NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ and NASCAR HotPass™. With DIRECTV, you can take your pick and catch every moment of the sports you love!


Want more movies? There are thousands of movies available on DIRECTV. With qualifying packages, you could receive a three-month trial of premium movie channels. You can get a taste of HBO®, Starz® Super Pack, SHOWTIME UNLIMITED® and Cinemax® at no extra charge. Cable gives you access to fewer movies, including fewer in High-Definition.


DIRECTV uses top technology to bring you the best television experience.

  • If you choose cable service, you can often add a DVR, but you’ll only be able to record somewhere around 50 hours of programming. With a DVR from DIRECTV, you can record up to 400 hours of standard programming or 200 hours of HD-programming.
  • The Whole-Home DVR from DIRECTV can connect with up to 15 televisions. Plus, you can pause content in one room and pick up where you left off seamlessly in another room.
  • DIRECTV was the first to bring programming exclusively in 3D to living rooms around the country.
  • DIRECTV offers extra features like DIRECTV2PC™ and MediaShare™ that add to your television experience and make it better. Cable barely gives you the basics for mediocre television.

Add all that to customers with the highest rate of satisfaction and the clear winner here is DIRECTV. You’ll be amazed at the improvements over cable.

Your family deserves the best Tulsa has to offer and when it comes to television service, DIRECTV is it. Stop waiting – call now! When your family has better home entertainment options, spending time together at home is easy and more enjoyable for everyone! Order DIRECTV for your Tulsa home now and experience TV like never before.

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